Beautiful Kitten, Savannah - Bengal mix

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Two, 10 week old kittens. $150 each. One male and one female. All very playful and healthy. They are eating both solid and wet cat food and using the litter box. They love to play together and with me.

There are several pictures attached including each of the kittens. The kittens look very similar with black foot pads, back and belly spots reflecting their mixed ancestry: Savannah (African Serval) and Bengal (Asian leopard) cats mixed with domestic cats. The mom is a Bengal mix with the dad being a Savannah mix. I have added pics of the mom and dad. The mom is the darker cat.

It is ok to send text messages or email, but those come in on my desktop, so there may be a delay before I see them – best to phone if more than curious.

Contact Person Name Jim
Company / Business Name none
Microchipped no
Neutered no
Pet Breed Savannah Bengal domestic mix
Phone Number 1-858-412-0058
Mobile Phone none
Pets Current Age 10 weeks
Pet Type Cat
Sex one each Male and Female
Website Link none
Pet Location San Diego, California
Vaccinations Up-to-Date none
Registered no